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Bangladesh will have high demand of IP based services.

Bangladesh, along with India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka will witness a massive growth & penetration in Broadband & IP based services from 2012 onward due to rapid economic growth, expansion of educated population & improved living standard.

Ever-changing user needs for newer services, technological evolution & structural changes in telecom markets are fueling for an all-IP network in the Indian Subcontinent. Bangladesh is still lagging behind in respect to Broadband penetration with only 0.4% in comparison to India (6.9%) and Pakistan (10.4%) but looking at a different angle, this sector still has a lot of potential as well due to the expansion of Wimax operation in all the major markets in the region.

Written on 13/02/2013, 11:40 by Super User
news  GFCL has attended to IPV6 Workshop organized by APNIC at Cox's Bazar.