Mir Group

MIR group of companies began its journey in 1968 with MIR Akhter Hossain Ltd. From its origin, it has developed and established itself as one of the leading construction firms of the country. Following in the footsteps of its hugely successful construction venture, MIR group has diversified and developed other business ventures as MIR Ceramic Ltd, MIR Holdings Ltd both widely recognized as topmost entities in their own sectors.

In the modern era, where communication is recognized as the most important and also the most challenging sector, MIR Group has also established its concern MIR Telecom Ltd. the first IGW operator of Bangladesh. MIR Telecom started its journey in 2008 and now attained global reputation as an IGW operator which provides superior service quality. MIR Group has also established its concerns in IT Sector. MIR Technologies Ltd is a fast growing maker of ERP, Billing & other software solution, ideal to help the rapidly growing industrial sector of Bangladesh to reach its full potential.

The latest footprints of MIR Group- Bangla Telecom (ICX) and GFCL (IIG) are two feathers to already glittering crown of the group and bringing in more diversity to establish MIR Group as one of the leading companies in modern Bangladesh catering to almost the important services. From building blocks to provide a solid foundation for iconic structures and decorate them with ceramics which resonates artistic beauty to bringing people closer both locally and internationally through data and voice, MIR group has carried out its great tradition of providing people with top quality service and will strive to move forward with confident steps for generations to come.


Written on 13/02/2013, 11:40 by Super User
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