In order to ensure the access to the Internet for the common mass for a Digital Bangladesh MoPT and BTRC has devised ILDTS Policy 2010. According to this policy the International Internet Gateway service will be more liberalized and the minimization of the cost of service will be ensured by issuing license to more companies.

It is of great honor and privilege for Global Fair Communications Ltd. (GFCL) that we are applying for the license of establishing, operating and maintaining an International Internet Gateway (IIG) in Bangladesh. Wining a License for operating an IIG will enable GFCL to provide quality International Internet Gateway service to all the ISPs and BWA operators thus help building a Digital Bangladesh.


Written on 13/02/2013, 11:40 by Super User
news  GFCL has attended to IPV6 Workshop organized by APNIC at Cox's Bazar.