GFCL (Global Fair Communications Ltd) is a private sector IIG operator of Bangladesh. GFCL achieved its license from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) on April 12, 2012 (license no.-BTRC/LL/IIG (3) Global Fair/2012-3).

Following the ILDTS Policy 2010 developed by MOPT and BTRC which encompasses to ensure Internet access to the common mass, GFCL looks forward to provide quality IIG service to all the ISPs and BWA operators and thus laying a foundation to build a Digital Bangladesh.

With a solid business background inherited from its Parent Company- MIR Group and a highly energized and motivated team with ability and willpower to overcome obstacles, GFCL commits itself to provide top quality internet service at a competitive market price.

Written on 13/02/2013, 11:40 by Super User
news  GFCL has attended to IPV6 Workshop organized by APNIC at Cox's Bazar.